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‘Nerve Transplant Allows Paralyzed Man to Move Legs Again’ reports Science Friday

Darek Fidyka lost all movement and feeling below the waist when he was stabbed in the back in 2010. Now he is able to drive a car and walk with a frame, and regained bladder, bowel, and sexual sensation, thanks…

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‘Paralyzed Man Walks After Cells for Smelling Placed in Spine’ as reported by Bloomberg Businessweek

A man paralyzed from the chest down in a knife attack is walking again after undergoing surgery using cells responsible for the sense of smell, marking an advance in the search for treatments for spinal injuries. \r\nDarek Fidyka, 38, received…

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‘In a ‘world first,’ a paralyzed man with severed spinal cord walks again after nerve cell transplant’ as featured in The Washington Post

This 38-year-old Bulgarian patient, who suffered his injury in 2010, is believed to be the first person in the world to recover from the complete severing of the spinal nerves. (BBC/PA Wire) \r\n In 2010, an assailant attacked Darek Fidyka…

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‘Surgery uses nose cells to help man reverse paralysis’ as reported by CBS News

Darek Fidyka, a Bulgarian man paralyzed years ago from a knife attack, is walking again. Doctors used cells responsible for his sense of smell to repair the man’s spinal cord. Vinita Nair reports on the breakthrough that doctors say is…

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