Introducing our trustees...

Our trustees are the people who have lent their skills, time and resources to help build the organisation nsif is today – a charity that has raised approximately £4.2 million towards developing a cure for spinal injury. They share ultimate responsibility for governing nsif and directing how it is managed and run.

David Nicholls


David Nicholls founded nsif following an accident in which his son, Daniel, was left paralysed from the neck down. Nicholls, firmly established as one of the world’s finest hotel chefs, began his early career focusing on high profile restaurants offering…

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Fred Watt


Fred is a Scottish Chartered Accountant with over 20 years’ experience in finance and international business operations. From 2000 until February 2006 Fred was CFO of Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS) having joined the Board just after the acquisition…

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Alastair Storey OBE


Alastair Storey OBE set up Wilson Storey with Keith Wilson in 2000 with the aim of creating a business that reflected their strongly held beliefs and values. In 2001 the business merged with Halliday Catering to become Wilson Storey Halliday….

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Dr Bobby Priyajit Prasad MBBS FACP

Consultant and Physician

Dr Bobby Prasad is a founding partner of London Gastrointestinal Associates and is an expert in digestive wellness. Dr. Prasad was a Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital from 2005 until late 2012. He has also consulted…

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Willy B.G Bauer OBE FIH MI


Willy Bauer is renowned throughout the Hotel and Leisure Industry for his hands on approach to management style. In 1975, as the GM and Executive Director of the then ailing Hyde Park Hotel, he established successfully THF’s flagship property, followed…

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Piers Adam


Described by the Sunday Times as “the man who redefined how Londoners eat, drink and dance”, Piers Adam has over 30 years’ experience in the leisure sector. Piers began his entrepreneurial career while at Oxford, where he set up the…

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Some of our partners include