Dr. Pawel Tabakow

Dr. Pawel Tabakow

Dr. Pawel Tabakow is a leading neurosurgeon. He has received funding from nsif to pursue the clinical application of Professor Geoffrey Raisman’s research, having been inspired by the professor’s work.

Dr. Tabakow is a consultant neurosurgeon in the Department of Neurosurgery at Wroclaw University Hospital. He is also an assistant professor in neurosurgery at Wroclaw Medical University.

His clinical work is mainly focused on minimally invasive neurosurgery. He performs operations in the field of brain oncology, functional neurosurgery, spinal cord pathologies and hydrocephalus, using microsurgical, neuro-endoscopic and stereotactic systems as well as intraoperative image-guided approaches.

He invented the technique of intraoperative ventriculography using the low field intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging during the endoscopic treatment of hydrocephalus and arachnoid cysts (paper published in Neurosurgery 2013 Vol.73(4); s.730-738).

In 2002, he co-founded with Professor Wlodzimierz Jarmundowicz, the head of the Department of Neurosurgery Wroclaw Medical University, an interdisciplinary team working on the possibility of using olfactory ensheathing cells in the treatment of patients with a complete spinal cord injury. The team’s work led in 2008 to the first successful intraspinal autologous transplantation of these cells, led by Dr. Tabakow. The team collaborated with Professor Raisman’s  team in 2010 to take this procedure to the next stage.

*Source: NHS

**Source: World Heath Organization

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