Phil Packer MBE

British Provost Officer

My journey has given a valuable insight into Spinal Injury. At first I found the situation absolutely devastating, however as the months have gone by I have realised how lucky and how fortunate I am.  The support I have received from others with spinal injury, particularly Paula Craig, a remarkable elite athlete and friend, have given me hope and the determination to move forward. My future is to support young people with disabilities and of course this includes those with spinal injury. The Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation is focused on funding a cure and this gives hope to thousands. I live with paraplegia everyday and when I stop, life is difficult. My focus is on enthusing and inspiring others and I will not stop again; however I hope I can also assist and support in some way to bring David Nicholls’ vital area of funding and work to the fore.

Some of our partners include