The view from Poland

The scientists in Poland have shared this exciting footage of Darek Fidyka using an exercise bike. Darek, an outdoorsman by nature, is thrilled to be regaining capabilities thanks to the OEC transplantation project – with a lot of his own hard work.

Darek has shown incredible dedication in his rehabilitation. He sticks to a tough regime and works with all the scientists, physiotherapists and assessors involved with the project to ensure the results he is achieving can be fully investigated for the benefit of the research. This is essential in cataloguing and improving the effects of the treatment.

Of course Darek is only one man. These results must be repeated in more patients. But seeing Darek – a man whose spinal cord was severed in 2010, and who was suffering complete SCI nearly two years later – cycling with vigour is a reminder of just how important that goal is!

At nsif we are delighted by Darek’s ongoing progress. We are committed to supporting his rehabilitation so the scientists can understand the full potential of returning function and sensation after OEC transplantation surgery.

We feel fortunate to be in this rare position, where we really are in the midst of an incredible breakthrough in treating spinal cord injury. It’s not going to be immediate – and of course nothing is ever certain. There is a lot to be done to confirm this method and to understand its scope, but we will never make this kind of medical progress without great effort.

Luckily, our supporters are making this happen. Every single donation is essential in reaching that goal. A goal which, hopefully, will see many people in the future regain capabilities that were once lost through spinal cord injury.

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