The Christopher Tickle Fund reaches an incredible fundraising milestone for nsif

The Christopher Tickle Fund, long-time supporters of nsif, have reached an incredible target: they have donated £60,000 to nsif for scientific research into curing paralysis.

Every pound donated to the work going on in Poland and the UK, led by Prof. Raisman and Dr. Tabakow, gets us closer to the day when spinal cord injury can be treated and reversed.

Being that fundraising is what we do here – day in, day out – we know the work that goes into attracting every single donation. To raise £60,000 marks a Herculean effort.

Keith Tickle and his supporters started raising funds after his son, Christopher Henry Tickle, suffered a severe neck injury during a rugby game in September 2009. Christopher died three weeks later.

In May 2010, the Christopher Tickle Fund presented a cheque for £17,000 to the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation, and said they intended to raise £10,000 more the following year. Now five years on, and they have contributed an unbelievable amount towards curing spinal cord injury.

Christopher’s “legacy has been to inspire a wide range of fund-raising activities to support research into spinal injuries”, the Christopher Tickle Fund says on its Just Giving page, and we couldn’t agree more.

Thank you so much to the Christopher Tickle Fund, to the whole Tickle family and Maureen Gutteridge, and to every person who has ever helped them with a fundraiser or donated to their – and our – cause. You are funding life-changing scientific research – research that would not happen without your efforts and generosity.

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