#SCIAwarenessDay falls on 20th May this year, and here at nsif, we are doing our bit to get the word out about the realities of living with SCI. In the lead up to the day, we will be sharing facts about SCI with our followers. Then on Friday we will be joining up with our friends from the SCI community for something very special. Watch this space!

Although at nsif, we concentrate on funding vital research into a cure for spinal injury, we are also committed to making as much noise as possible about all aspects of SCI – and hoping the general public will hear us!

Awareness is essential to make sure that the fantastic charities, who strive towards not only a cure but issuing vital care and advice on SCI, receive the funding they need.

But there is a lot more to it than that – awareness and education leads to understanding. We hope that this understanding will improve accessibility and increase opportunities available to wheelchair users. This way, until the moment when a cure is found, people with spinal injury can live active and full lives.

Update: check out how we marked the day!

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