Reflections on Spine along the Rhine.

In October last year, a group of long-standing nsif supporters and friends undertook the mighty challenge of walking the length of the Rhine Gorge to raise funds and awareness for nsif.

The group raised a total of £2,293 for nsif. A fantastic achievement.

But what the team did was more important than that, all the way a long their journey they reflected on what we at nsif call the ‘Iceberg’ symptoms of SCI. These are the aspects of spinal injury which lay hidden from plain view. They reflected on these with every ache and pain, every blister and every celebratory beer at the end of the day.

When we spoke to Eve Milner about the challenge she said:

‘Every day, you and I get up and walk about freely, but we never think about what a blessing that really is. So me and my friends, all unfit, most of us over 60 and totally unprepared… have decided to walk for 7 days, about 90 miles and every step of the way we will be thinking about Dan.’

More on Eve’s motivations here.

Daniel Nicholls was paralysed after a swimming accident at the age of 18, leading to his father David to found the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation (nsif).

Every step of their progress along the Rhine is a step towards finding a cure for SCI.

More pictures of their challenge can be found in our gallery.

Thank you Eve and team for all of your hard work and dedication to nsif.

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