Be part of something bigger

At nsif we are a relatively small charity in the scheme of things. A small team with a big goal. Funding a cure for spinal injury is one thing, but half the battle is raising awareness about what we do, so that people understand why it’s critical to keep pushing this research forward. So joining a global campaign like #GivingTuesday was a great opportunity for us to become part of something bigger than we are.

The campaign started in America but in the UK is organised by the Charities Aid Foundation. It encourages all charities, companies and individuals on this one day to come together and not only support good causes but to celebrate the joy of generosity. nsif joined the campaign and reached nearly half a million people on Twitter and over half a million on Facebook. We asked everyone to reconnect with something from their past – a friend, a memory – to celebrate the recent breakthrough in spinal injury treatment through the reconnection of severed spinal nerve fibres.

“We were thrilled with the amount of people who engaged with us on #GivingTuesday. Our goal for the day was to reach out to a new audience; with a total engagement of over 1 million people, it is safe to say we achieved it!” – Alice from the nsif team

Thank you so much to everyone who helped spread our message and to raise awareness for our cause, which has the power to change so many people’s lives in ways that most people will fortunately never have to contemplate.

At nsif we felt the rewards of being part of something bigger than ourselves on #GivingTuesday. Now we hope many people will do the same, and become part of the cure for spinal injury.


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