nsif Day – 21st October 2016

nsif Day, is the day we mark the moment that everything changed for us. On the 21st October 2014 the BBC Panorama documentary ‘To Walk Again’ was aired, and the world was made aware of the breakthrough that had been achieved by scientists and doctors funded by nsif.

This was the result of the life’s work of Prof Geoffrey Raisman and his team at UCL. Research which inspired Dr Pawel Tabakow, a Polish neurosurgeon to translate the research into a patient, this patient was Darek Fidyka.

Darek Fidyka was the victim of a knife attack which resulted in total transection of his spinal cord. Two years after pioneering surgery, he recovered some bladder and bowel sensation and sexual function, and could walk with assistance.

There was further excitement in March this year when the BBC team returned to Poland to assess Darek’s condition and found he had improved even more, to the extent that he can now ride an adapted tricycle. See below video footage of Dareks progress.

However, this is not the end. We have not finished yet…

At present we are in the process of searching for two patients for the next stage of the project, these patients need your support now more than ever to see the project through.

We are a little charity with huge ambition, and we couldn’t reach our goals without your support. On nsif day we celebrate all that we are and all that you have helped us achieve.

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