Joan Wiper & her Himalayan challenge on behalf of The Christopher Tickle Fund for nsif

Imagine a narrow path no wider than the length of your foot.  Now imagine that path and hundreds of others like it on an incline that would challenge the most nimble-footed of mountain goats and then imagine these same paths covered in snow and ice and others slippery with mud. The temperatures in Himalaya range from very hot by day to freezing cold at night. Now imagine trekking these same paths alone with four guides. Joan Wiper managed it! A very challenging two-week Trek in Himalaya covering over 55 miles and climbing to 3,200 metres, Joan’s journey raised £3709.75 on behalf of nsif through The Christopher Tickle Fund.

Alone in a tent at night, and warned not to venture out, because nocturnal leopards roam the Himalayas when night falls, Joan started a diary of events, which ran to fourteen pages. She has since sent the diary, including many amusing anecdotes, to all the donors on her just-giving page and has hopefully inspired others to follow in her footsteps and challenge themselves to raise further funds for spinal injury research.

Joan’s Trek raised money for The Christopher Tickle Fund, which raises money exclusively for nsif. To date The Christopher Tickle Fund has raised close to £70,000.

Joan started her Trek in Himalaya on the 2nd October and by pure coincidence awoke that morning in Delhi to Jordan Bone’s broadcast charity appeal, on Radio 4 for nsif – an encouraging and uplifting start to the Trek.

Thank you Joan for taking on this challenge and for helping those working to improve the lives of people suffering from spinal injury.

Thanks also to all the very generous donors to Joan’s Just Giving page – we know Joan was delighted with the support and so are we.

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