End of year countdown!

A new year is around the corner and we are counting down to the Christmas period – getting excited for a short break before returning with renewed dedication to working towards a cure for spinal cord injury in 2016.

It is almost the time of year to start making New Year’s resolutions, so with that in mind the Christmas countdown in the nsif office this year is made up of our favourite moments from 2015. The twist is that each moment was something entirely new for nsif.

After much discussion, our top 2015 moments are:

1) SCI Awareness Day

nsif took part on social media for the first time in this incredible initiative that seeks to break down perceptions about spinal injury and raise awareness. We ran a week long campaign on social media, featuring insights from the brilliant people at Prime Physio and Lolly Mack, a champion of the SCI cause. nsif team member Damola created an iceberg graphic about the hidden effects of spinal injury that was a smash success, seen by over 10,000 people from countries around the world.

2) First anniversary since Panorama

We celebrated the first anniversary since the research of Professor Raisman and Dr. Tabakow broke onto the world media stage, creating unprecedented attention and interest in this research, and helping nsif to take our message of working towards a cure for SCI to a large audience. We marked the one-year anniversary with a series of images on Facebook & Twitter that compared our research to space exploration: because we are all seeking to explore new territory.

3) nsif’s first-ever online silent auction in partnership with Givergy

As we are constantly told, we must all adapt to the digital world. And while this is met with varying degrees of enthusiasm by the nsif team, young and dynamic team member Alice pushed for us to run a Christmas auction. The totally digital fundraising event raised a fantastic £12,088 towards scientific research.

4) David Nicholls wins a Points of Light Award

David Nicholls, founder of nsif, was recognised by the UK Prime Minister for his charitable work. Anyone who knows David will know that he has dedicated incredible energy towards fundraising for research. He is passionate about the need for a cure for spinal cord injury and took it upon himself to start a charity that was 100% dedicated to this mission – so nsif was born. The Points of Light Award proves how many people he has touched by doing so.

Some things, though, don’t change. And we are incredibly grateful for the loyalty, generosity and energy our supporters have showed us yet again this year. We cannot thank you enough and we hope very much to see many of you in 2016 and work with you again.

We also hope 2016 will be filled with new and exciting developments in the field of research for a cure for spinal cord injury.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

– The nsif team

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