Claire Lomas’ 10,000

Last week at nsif we ran an #SCIAwarenessDay campaign. And hot on the heels of that, our patron Claire Lomas will be setting a spectacular example of raising awareness by walking the Vitality 10,000 in a Rewalk robotic suit. We are thrilled to say that race organisers have made a special effort to enable her to complete her challenge. She will even be receiving a medal if she manages to finish.

There are few better examples of the power of awareness than that set by Claire. She is always setting herself bigger, bolder goals in the name of increasing awareness and funding for a cure for spinal cord injury. True to form, in taking on the Vitality 10,000 through London using the Rewalk robotic suit she has set herself a monumental challenge – both physical and mental.

She will need all of our help to get her to the finish line, so please get involved and show your support for her challenge!

There are three ways to get involved:

1. Come down on the day.Claire will be starting her walk at 5 am at the Mall and then following the Vitality 10,000 route, which will take her round the city of London and back to St James park.

We will be keeping our followers updated on twitter to her progress. So if you have an hour or more to spare on 30th May, come and walk part of the way with Claire. She will need all of the help we can give her for this mammoth challenge.

Or if you’re not available…

2. Donate to Claire’s page!

After an initial target of £1,000, almost £10,000 has been donated by friends as well as many others who have been inspired by Claire’s story. Donate today to support her effort.

3. Spread the word on social media!

Some of our partners include