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nsif funds medical research and development into repairing spinal injury. The most recent breakthrough from the team of scientists we fund, as reported by the BBC’s coverage, suggests that a treatment for spinal injury could one day become a reality. Watch a short clip of the progress that has been made here.

Whilst scientists have identified a procedure that could lead to a treatment for spinal cord injury, without the funding to confirm this in more patients, this research cannot progress. Scroll down to find out ways to get involved and help this research realise its potential…


Off Duty Cookbook

Off Duty Cook Book

Off Duty is a cookbook written and published in aid of nsif. Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Delia Smith, and Rick Stein are just a few of the chefs who invite us into their own home kitchens and share delicious, easy-to-prepare dishes. Just £25 including postage.\r\n

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